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Cleaning & Break In

First step is to assemble quality cleaning products such as 1 piece cleaning rod, bore guide, bronze brushes, cotton patches and a decent copper solvent.


Give the barrel an initial cleaning to remove any excess oils or manufacturing debris.


Shoot one and look with a bore scope before cleaning to see if any copper deposits are present, if there are no copper deposits or copper wash then shoot another until some copper appears. When the first copper does appear, run two wet patches, this should take most of the carbon out, next generously wet bronze brush, run this through the bore about ten to twelve times and let it soak for a few minutes, then patch out with a dry patch. Run two more wet patches to get rid of any remaining copper. Check with the bore scope, if copper is not gone run more wet patches until it's out then wet a patch with eezox and run that through the bore, then you are done.

General rule of thumb is shoot one and clean for the first 3-10 shots, then shoot three and clean for the next 10-20 shots, then shoot five for the next 20, once you start to shoot strings look often with the bore scope to check for copper, copper is the enemy and will not help accuracy it must all be removed.

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