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About Us

HWP has the mandate to supply the highest quality rifle barrels suitable for use in competition, field and tactical applications. Using the quality materials and a no holds barred approach to producing the finest barrels, you will not be disappointed when you select an HWP barrel for your latest project.


At HWP there will never be an emphasis on producing quantity, only on quality. This carries on a tradition first instilled by Rob MacLennan, who continues to this day to provide technical oversight and assistance as required by HWP. This focus on producing the best possible barrels, at times may mean a slight delay, in particular during match season! None the less, barrels will be delivered in a timely fashion.

Hugh Williamson

A family man and successful business man Hugh Williamson has already spent a lifetime in competitive endeavors. Not just the shooting sports however, Hugh continues to be active in the Pro-Mod Funny Car world and Oval Track racing circuit. Having been introduced to BR shooting by Rick Pollock in 2013, the rest is history. Hugh has embraced the sport like none other.


Hugh quickly recognized that to excel in this sport he would need to manufacture a lot of the components in house that were needed win. With the additional challenges shooters faced when importing barrels in to Canada it was only natural for Hugh to begin to produce his own barrels.


Hugh is a 3-time member of Team Canada at the World Benchrest Championships, Hugh is a past Canadian Champion, and most recently placed 6th overall at the World Benchrest Championships.

Rick Pollock


A lifelong shooter, Rick got in to Benchrest in 1992, that makes around 25 years in the pursuit of the highest level of accuracy. A 4-time member of team Canada at the World Benchrest Championships, Rick is also a past Canadian Champion and holder of several Canadian records in Benchrest.


A career in sales has led Rick to become involved with the sales and distribution side of HWP, where Rick will be the point of contact for sales enquiries.

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